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12 Best Blockchain Startups in Indonesia

If you already know what makes Blockchain different from cryptocurrency, do you want to get further information about blockchain? Blockchain startup in Indonesia increases rapidly due to the more people understand how to benefit from Blockchain technology in all aspects and industries. That’s why you now can find the best Blockchain startups in Indonesia.

For instance, in Cryptocurrency, there are about 13 companies in a List of Crypto Asset Traders registered with CoFTRA. CoFTRA stands for Community Futures Trading Regulatory Agency.

It proves that Indonesian youths are quite adaptive to technological developments. They are glad to fight and compete with foreign companies that come to Indonesia to start a Blockchain startup business in Indonesia.

When talking about Best Blockchain Startups in Indonesia, you must know what these companies exactly do in the industry. Some Indonesian Blockchain startups provide crypto exchange services. While others implement Blockchain technology for real physical outputs. However, you will also find companies that focus on crypto mining.

Here is a list of  Best Blockchain and Crypto Startups in Indonesia.

Best Blockchain Startups: Exchange

12 Best Blockchain Startups in Indonesia
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Indodax was established in 2013. It becomes a company that facilitates crypto buying and selling including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more. When choosing Indodax for your crypto needs, you can buy crypto using Indonesian currency, Rupiah.

For your information, this isn’t only well-known as the largest exchange platform in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia. Now, Indodax has about 1.5 million users with daily transaction amounts up to 100 billion.


Rekeningku is one of the local exchange companies in Indonesia. It was founded in 2017. Even though it is still relatively new, the company, which is located in the SCBD area, has hundreds of thousands of users.

This platform offers a few excellences which lead to rapid growth and improvement, including:

  • 24/7 crypto withdrawal service to FIAT
  • Withdrawal fee discount 65% for users who use ANA coin (made by Rekeningku)
  • Fast withdrawal transaction guarantee (within 24-hour)


Since its first establishment in 2017, TokoCrypto is an exchange platform founded by crypto enthusiasts with the same purpose and aim. They want to introduce and popularize cryptocurrency to the public.

To achieve this goal, TokoCrypto massively promotes crypto to all cities in Indonesia. They also get involved actively in any activity held by the Indonesian crypto community.

Aside from that, they create the platform with a user-friendly interface design, so newbies know how to use it for their first experience.

Best Blockchain Startups: Blockchain Project

12 Best Blockchain Startups in Indonesia
Image from Pixabay


IDRT or Rupiah token is the first Ethereum-based token of Stablecoin type with the value refers to IDR value. It means that 1 IDRT unit is equal to 1 Rupiah. It comes with characteristics of Ethereum Blockchain like speed, security, and transparency.


Have you ever heard this term before? Unlike other companies in cryptocurrencies, HARA is a blockchain startup that acts as a Blockchain-based data exchange platform.

It has been in the industry since 2015 to provide data exchange facility through Blockchain for various parties in the agricultural industry ranging from farmers, banks, marketers, landlords, insurance companies, to credit scoring.


PlayGame is an instant gaming platform that runs a Blockchain system. Gamers can compete and get prizes easily.

Anton Soeharyo, a founder of PlayGame is a gamer. He has created more than 50 games said that this platform is a game monetization effort. Each developer will get a 5% fee from each successful paid competition.


Lyfe is a pioneer in creating a health gamification system in Indonesia. It is designed for users to lead a healthy lifestyle. It stimulates the users through various health challenges with reward when done.

The rewards utilize Blockchain technology to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the users.

In addition, it also facilitates users to sell their platform related to health services. In short, lYfe acts as a marketplace, so users should not waste their time and effort to find prospective buyers.


Vexanium is the first Indonesian company based on public Blockchain. It has its blockchain technology platform which is called as mainnet.

Mainnet is the foundation for Blockchain-based companies to run business in decentralized systems. Thus, transactions can be done peer-to-peer. Simply talk, Vexanium allows developers or programmers to build decentralized applications or DApps themselves.

Best Blockchain Startups : Mining Platforms

12 Best Blockchain Startups in Indonesia
Image from Pixabay


Unicoin Mining

The professionals established Unicoin mining in 2017 for those who want to do mining digital currencies. This platform provides pool mining that serves as the place where miners can gather and do mining together. It is a friendly-mining platform for beginners. They can learn how to mine crypto.

Honest Mining

As an Indonesian Blockchain startup, Honest Mining has a mission to build a trusted yet accessible crypto mining. It creates a success as a company that makes it easier for individuals to do crypto mining.

With the presence of this company, individuals can join crypto mining even simply and easily. It focuses on PoS coin masternode cloud mining activities, like ZCoin, SmartCash, and Dash.

Blockchain Technology Consultant and Development

Blockchain Zoo

Blockchain Zoo offers workshops and services to companies aimed to implement Blockchain in their businesses. They also provide whole training in how to operate blockchain by different client’s needs.

Since its establishment in 2017, this Bali-based company grows its business through the Southeast Asian region. It has experience in serving about 30 clients.

When choosing this company, you can consult a few things from antifraud, compliance, business progress, supply chain, to dark web transaction tracking.


As a Blockchain company in Indonesia, Corechain provides services related to Blockchain system problems from development, operational, to security.

Working with this company means the client can choose their best service, where Corechain will be a Blockchain system operator. So, the clients can save time, money, and effort since they should deal with human resources.

The main advantage of Corechain is an open platform yet private system which guarantees security. This company is a partner of Antam Indonesia, PT, and Pos Indonesia, PT for digital remittance service development.

Now, you already know the presence of Blockchain startups or platforms in Indonesia. However, we must get ready to welcome even greater trends than this technology application.



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