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6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know

To be able to run any activity on a personal computer or laptop, or other devices you need an operating system. In general, there are various types of operating systems available. Yes, each of them comes with pros and cons, so you will have different experiences when using it.

What Is Operating System?

6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know
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Talking about types of operating systems in computers is such a good topic. However, you must realize that not all people all around the world know what an operating system is.

We can define the operating system as system software that manages the hardware of computer and software resources. It also provides common services for programs of computer.

Modern OS uses a graphical user interface or GUI. It enables people using a mouse to click icons, buttons, and menus. Everything is displayed on the screen with a combination of graphics and text. Modern OS is easy to use and uses the same basic principles.

Why Is It Important?

With so many types of operating system software available, you may wonder why OS is important. It is the most important software that runs on a computer. It manages the memory and processes, software, and hardware of the computer.

Besides that, it enables users to communicate with computers without knowing how to speak the computer’s language. In general, operating system or OS has key functions, including:

  • Resource management
  • User interface
  • Utilities
  • Task management
  • File management
  • Security

6 Operation System Types

Every modern computer needs an operating system, from a desktop computer to a smartphone and game system. Different types of operating systems in os run on different hardware types. Fortunately, they are designed for different application types. For instance, Mac desktops and laptops use macOS.

Microsoft Windows

6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know
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Microsoft Windows is the most popular used ever since its first inception in the 1980s. Today, most of you must use the computer with this as an operating system. Unlike other OS types, Microsoft windows are used by almost all computer users in the world. It has different versions which complete the user’s experience in using OS.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

This operating system becomes a favorite choice because it has several advantages. It can support various applications. Not only that, it has a good and user-friendly interface display.

If you have a new computer device, then you can install Microsoft windows easily. Unfortunately, it also has cons. The paid version is pricy and it can get exposed to viruses and hackers easily.


6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know
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Linus Torvalds introduced Linux in 1991. Unlike Windows, Linux is an open-source-based operating system. It means that users can modify and distribute software Linux without facing license matters. Thus, users can choose and customize Linux by their desire and needs.

This OS has a quick update because everyone can modify it. However, it is not recommended for newbies. The installation process of Linux is quite hard and complex. Also, you have an application limit when running this OS.


Apple users know how this OS runs. Apple releases and develops this OS. It is installed on a computer and Mcintosh or Mac laptop. As we all know, those are products of Apple. The users of Mac OS X are lesser than Windows. Apple’s product is available in the market at a high price.

The performance of this operating system (OS) is far superior compared to other OS types, including Windows. The interface of MacOS is suitable for those who work in the multimedia field.

While for security matter, Mac OS has a high-security system, so the users shouldn’t worry about viruses and hackers. It is relatively more stable than other types of OS.

Just like any other OS type, Mac OS comes with cons. The users can’t modify it. It is not a suitable choice for gaming purposes. We all know how apple products are available at a high price rate.


In this modern era, DOS is not so popular. DOS stands for Disk operating system, an origin of Microsoft Windows. It has a black and white display and can’t display images. In other words, you can input and view data in writing form only.

DOS doesn’t have an interface display like other OS types have and use today. Even though the features of DOS are limited, it was popular due to its pros. It comes with high compatibility with light size, so it saves extra space and memory. Since the software is small, it can work lightly.


UNIX is the first computer operating system. With the pros of this OS, people use it with less to no worry about viruses. It is a free operating system choice. However, it is hardly used these days. For the display and appearance, you will not like it. In addition, it doesn’t offer lots of driver choices.

Chrome OS

6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know
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Chrome OS is the latest operating system. Google developed and then released it in June 2011. It is a Linux-based OS, so you can’t use it for all devices. It is applicable only on Chromebooks.

With a simple appearance, it initially runs only a few simple applications. Fortunately, it is now usable for Android applications. It can be a good choice for personal and business purposes.

How to Choose the Best Operating System

6 Types of Operating System: What You Need to Know
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Choosing the right operating system isn’t a daunting task, but it is not simple. You can take a look at your needs and the device. For instance, if you are an Apple device user, your choice is Mac OS.

If you want to benefit from the bulk of features and pros, then Microsoft Windows is your best choice. However, you can consider other factors. To be able to modify OS, nothing to doubt about opting for Linux.

Again, you must have a clear understanding of how each OS type can work as well as your expectation.


After knowing the availability of commonly used types of operating systems, you must know why you keep using your current OS. Or you may want to switch to another OS for several reasons.



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