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9 Most Popular Web Browsers in 2021

You are using a web browser even to find and read this article. The most popular web browsers seem like an interesting topic to talk about all the time. Well, when looking for the best browser for your device, privacy and speed must be the biggest consideration factors.

No matter how often you browse your favorite sites, the browser must run as well as it can. So, is this the reason why you need the most popular web browsers in the world of information?

Start to Know Web Browser

9 Most Popular Web Browsers in 2021
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Even though many people go online to search for something to solve their problems and meet their needs, they may not know which web browser is the most suitable for them.

However, there are still many individuals who don’t know what a web browser is and how it can be helpful. According to Wikipedia, a web browser is an application software we can use to access the world wide web. When a user requests a page of the website from a certain website, the web browser retrieves the necessary content from a web server. Furthermore, it displays the page on a device of a user.

You can use one of the most popular web browsers 2021. It means that you can choose a modern web browser and benefit from it. It comes with many features, so the users can get more benefits from using a web browser.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Compliance web standard
  • Free availability

Most Popular Web Browsers

Using a web browser means you can access information on some private server. Aside from that, it enables you to play a local video stored on your device. To get the fastest browser out there, here is a list of popular browsers you can use anytime you need to browse.

Google Chrome

It is known as the fastest web browser which leads to an increase in its popularity. It was launched in 2009 but has now become the most used browser. When using this browser, people can enjoy some features, such as bookmark management, themes, extensions, incognito mode, profile management, etc.

A cross-device-support leads chrome to become one of the best web browser apps in 2021. The browser can easily sync internet history, password, bookmarks, tabs, and others across devices once you’ve signed into your Google account. Yes, you must have a Google account to enjoy such a feature of Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

9 Most Popular Web Browsers in 2021
9 Most Popular Web Browsers in 2021

Nothing to doubt that people use Mozilla and consider it as one of the most popular web browsers for windows. After redesigning UI and many features, it compels people to switch their browsers. It comes with many features, including complete disabling of tracking, fillable PDF form, and blocking in-browser crypto mining. Thus, it occurs as a more attractive option.

The browser experience will be better with the new built-i picture-in-picture. Of course, you will experience it only if you give it a try. Or maybe Firefox is your most used web browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Does this web browser sound unfamiliar to you? As a Windows user, you can update to Windows 10, and then see how Microsoft Edge Chromium will become your favorite web browser.

9 Most Popular Web Browsers in 2021

Microsoft took a big decision to spring out Edge Chromium in early 2019. It then can run almost all extensions of Google Chrome. In the term of performance, it does improve. So, it is the best browser for Windows 10 that integrates with Operating System better than the competitors.

What makes this browser stands different from Chrome is a list of modification. It strips much of Google-related tracking codes and requires a Microsoft account to sync the user’s data.

If you want to share web pages directly to other contacts and PCs, you can use nearby sharing features in Windows 10.


Opera is so close to those who use Opera mini on Java-enabled mobile phones. It almost gets diminished due to Chrome although this oldest web browser receives active development.

With development and improvement, you can use Opera whenever you want to browse in 2021. It is not only for Windows 10 but also for other desktop operating systems. Many people even consider it as the best Firefox alternative option.

You can try some features like data compression mode and battery saver even when using this web browser desktop version. Screenshot tool, crypto mining prevention, current converter, and VPN service are other great features provided for users.

Additionally, it supports cross-device sync with flow feature, where the users without an account can use it through QR code scan.


Opera Software co-founder, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita created Vivaldi as a browser. Have you ever used this browser? If you simply say no, then must try it now. See how the adaptive UI of Vivaldi changes based on web site’s color scheme you are browsing.

Just like Opera, Vivaldi supports Chrome extensions. The address bar and tab bar customization make it a top web browser. The user can even add custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. While in the sidebar, you can see a note-taking tool.


Its first appearance in 2002 was for Windows. Fortunately, you now can use it for other platforms. This free browser is featured with tools, where you can use to capture video from web pages. Screenshot too, email client, password, manager, note-taking tool, night mode, and built-in Adblock plus complete your browsing experience with Maxthon.

It is a fair choice for those who are seeking a good alternative to Firefox.

With the freedom to choose any popular web browser, be glad to use the brave web browser, Chromium, and torch browser. Just like others, these browsers offer great features to all users.

You get more choices of the most popular web browsers, right? Sure, you can use each of them and find the right one. You can notice the most comfortable browsing experience option. If today you use Google Chrome, you can move to Firefox in the next few days. Move from one to other allows you to see how each browser can meet your needs with different features. However, each browser has its pros and cons.



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