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Search Engine Optimization Basic and Guide for Beginners

Every website owner loves to see their website appears on the first page of a search engine. However, they may use different techniques when it comes to optimization. If you just developed a new website and want to reach potential customers, it is the right time to start Search Engine Optimization.

Sadly, many people think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is too hard and not worth the effort. It is not true because the basic SEO is quite simple. If you have a website, SEO is something worth learning about. Do you know why? Believe it or not, about 57,8% of web traffic comes from Google, the most used search engine.

What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimization Basic and Guide for Beginners
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It will be hard to understand why your website needs Search Engine Optimization Google if you are not familiar with the SEO term itself. If you refer to Wikipedia, SEO is known as the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to web pages from search engines. Another important thing is the target of SEO is unpaid traffic.

Once you focus on getting a high-ranking position of search engine results on Google, then you can find out further information here.

Why SEO Important

As said, website traffic mostly comes from the organic results of Google. Even though you can use paid search results, but the result of Search Engine Optimization techniques will stand for a longer time.

Google and other search engines choose which page to rank based on hundreds of signals. SEO is the process of boosting these signals, so you need it. Unless, if you don’t want internet users can find you easily with less effort.

The Benefits of SEO

Search Engine Optimization Basic and Guide for Beginners
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Before starting your research about the Search Engine Optimization tutorial, you must like to know how SEO benefits your online presence. Your Website and online presence will be nothing if you don’t optimize the website and search engine in an optimum way.

Chance to Get More Traffic

People undeniably tend to click one of the pages shown in the first search result. That’s why a higher ranking can drive more traffic to your website. So, the higher your ranking position is, the more traffic your website can get.

Consistent Traffic

Do you want consistent traffic? If you simply answer yes, now you can start to benefit from Search Engine Optimization or SEO because ranking in search engines leads you to get it.

No Ads Needed

You are about to use a website optimization technique, namely SEO. It means that you should not pay for ads in it. Organic rankings on the search engine, especially Google are based entirely on what the algorithm determines to be the best result.

While it is right that no ads are required, you must ensure that your website has high-quality content because it is your investment.

The Opportunity to Lead the Competition

Just like you, competitors also have websites. Somehow, it doesn’t mean that they use SEO techniques to be found in search engine result pages. Even though they use SEO, it is a good move to compete. The right techniques can lead you to stand higher than your competitors.

A Long-term Marketing Strategy

You can’t see SEO results overnight. Fortunately, it a good option for a long-term marketing strategy. SEO is not for those who expect quick results because it takes time to mature. However, the result can last a long time.

SEO may need weeks to months for the result to be visible. Again, there is no exact time when your website will be in the top-ranking position. Your website visibility in search engines depends on many factors, such as keyword difficulty, market competition niche, design of a website, On-page website, the content of website, link-building, and many more.

Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

How can you start your website optimization if you don’t know important SEO ranking factors? Take time to learn more about it, so don’t rush in implementing something you just knew.

  • Secure and Accessible Website
  • Speed of Pages
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Domain Age, URL, and authority
  • Quality content
  • Technical search engine optimization
  • User experience
  • Links
  • Social signals
  • Real business information

3 SEO Types

Search Engine Optimization Basic and Guide for Beginners
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Deciding to implement SEO means you must understand how it comes with different types. In general, there are three types of SEO. You can’t choose which type you will focus on the most because it all plays important role in your SEO, especially for your first SEO experience.

On-page SEO

This type of search engine optimization relates to your website’s contents, including strategies you will use to optimize individual pages. To get the best result of On-page SEO, you may pay attention to:

Keyword research: you must find the most suitable keywords to target on a content page
Content creation: publish only quality and optimized content with focus target keywords
Keyword Optimization: place the target keywords properly, so content is readable for humans and use good meta tag SEO

Off-page SEO

This SEO type will help to strengthen the relationship and influence between your website and other websites. When implementing Off-page SEO, you don’t only build the reputation but also the authority of the website. It is helpful, where search engines will see that your website is an ideal search result if it is a reputable and trusted source.

Technical SEO

Just like the name implies, it is all about technical matters. It doesn’t relate to the website’s content elements. With technical SEO, you can improve the readability of a website so that search engines crawl and understand your website easily. In addition, it provides a good user experience, which is listed as one of the most SEO ranking factors.

Whenever you start to implement technical SEO, the following are what important.

  • Website speed
  • Indexing
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Crawlability
  • Security
  • Structured data
  • Site architecture

This information about Search Engine Optimization seems like the guidelines for the beginner. In short, beginners know how to start their first optimization effort with SEO. Even though SEO is crucial for your business’s online presence, some people are more likely to make mistakes. Learning more about SEO will help you to prevent the most common SEO mistakes newbies often make.



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