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Secure Socket Layer Definition, Types, and Reasons Why You Need It

Website is a business asset, where sales can happen there. Since it has a vital role in running an online business, ensure that it is secure to visit. A secure website is a matter to trust and sales. To provide a secure website, you can benefit from the presence of a Secure Socket Layer or SSL.

What Secure Socket Layer Is

Secure Socket Layer Definition, Types, and Reasons Why You Need It
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Are you familiar with it? In simple words, a secure socket layer is a technology that works to encrypt communication between the web browser and a user’s web browser. The encryption ensures important data like username, password, and credit card information without interception risk.

To get SSL works for website security, it must be issued only by a trusted entity namely Certificate Authority. Trusted certificate authorities in the world are DigiCert, Entrust, Sectigo, and GlobalSign. Aside from issuing SSL or digital certificates, they also revoke and reissue them.

Reasons to Have SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer Definition, Types, and Reasons Why You Need It
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Your website can make thousands of dollars every single day. People come to your website to get their needs either product or service. To make a purchase, they must create an account and submit card information when it comes to making a payment.

However, nobody can guarantee that data sent to your website is safe unless you are installing SSL on your website. There are common reasons why you need a digital certificate called SSL.

SSL Helps to Ensure Website Security

When trying to access a certain website, you may find not a secure website notification. Yes, it indicates that indicates. With the installation of this certificate, it is possible to prevent security breaches on the website.

You will get secondary authentication as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) helps to send information only to the respective server. Thus, the data is not accessible from any other device on the same server.

For your information, the SSL certificate acts as digital documentation and verifies credentials starting from the certificate holder to the certificate’s expired date. What indicate SSL implementation on website is HTTPS, where’s means secure. If you find the website with HTTPS on the URL, you can access it securely.

Secure Socket Layer Enhances Search Engine Ranking for Website

Google improves search engine ranking for websites with SSL Certificate. It means that HTTPS is used as an SEO ranking parameter. If you want to provide secure website while improving ranking position on search engine, especially Google, convert your HTTP to HTTPS website.

You Look as a Trustworthy Brand

Building brand awareness is challenging and you realize it. Fortunately, this job can be simpler when you install SSL Certificate. SSL is a must even for non-e-commerce websites. Internet users will trust you, so they will feel safe whenever accessing your website.

It Improves Website Speed

Do you think that installing SSL can slow the website’s loading? It is a myth because the fact is HTTPS can improve your website speed. Thus, it improves the search engine optimization you are doing.

Digital Certificate or SSL Encrypt Sensitive Information

How can you ensure that sensitive information on the website is secure? The answer is an SSL certificate. With encryption technology used, SSL prevents data leakage, so sensitive information like details of credit card and login credentials get protected.

Different Types of SSL

Secure Socket Layer Definition, Types, and Reasons Why You Need It
Image source: Flickr

Before buying digital certificate to secure website, you must know what type of SSL is suitable for you. People usually choose it based on their security needs.

Domain Validation SSL

Just like the name implies, this SSL certificate will verify only domain ownership to get certificate issued. The issuance process takes minutes to hours. It is the fastest certificate issuance choice. However, not all websites can choose Domain Validation (DV) Certificate.

This SSL type is suitable for the website which doesn’t hold sensitive information like login credentials. It is also applicable to personal website or blog.

Organization Validation SSL

Like DV SSL, OV needs to verify the domain ownership, but the process is not as simple as DV SSL Certificate. To be able to issue this SSL Certificate type, the certificate authority must conduct some vetting of the organization.

The certificate will display additional vetted company information. Visitors and customers can get that information by clicking the secure site seal. With it, they know who is behind the website, so it gives your website more trust.

Since it needs legal documents of an organization to check, you can’t get the certificate issued within minutes to hours. Mostly, the certificate is issued in 3-7 days. To speed the process, make sure you provide any required documents immediately.

Extended Validation SSL

The verification process of EV SSL is no longer different from the OV SSL type. However, the certificate authority may need extra proofs and documents of your business. Before issuing a certificate, CA must verify:

  1. Legal, physical, and operational existence of entity application
  2. The identity of the entity matches official records
  3. An entity has exclusive right to use the domain
  4. An entity has properly authorized the EV SSL certificate issuance

EV SSL certificates are available for all business types, including government entities. The issuance process can take up to 14 days. However, it depends on your response in completing required documents. What’s make this certificate type stands different from DV and OV certificate is a green bar feature. It will display the company name on the certificate. To be sure, you can click padlock icon and you will see how your company or organization name is displayed.

Of course, it gives more trust, so people know it is you behind the website. It proves that no other party or entity can act or pretend like you.

Other Important Things about SSL

Buying SSL means you must know whether you will secure single or multiple domains. Or you may need SSL for sub-domain only. There is another SSL type to benefit from, code signing, email signing, and document signing.

While code signing is used to secure code of application or software, email signing can secure emails you send to clients or customers. What’s about document signing? This SSL enables you to sign digital documents like Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Office files.

Tell your SSL provider your security needs and they will pick the right digital security solution.


Now, you can decide which SSL type suitable for your website. You know how Secure Socket Layer or SSL is crucial in providing a secure connection to everyone who visits your website. When it comes to choosing this digital certificate, make sure it is issued only by a reputable certificate authority. The most important thing is you are the owner of domain that you will secure using SSL Certificate.



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