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Stock Investment Vs Crypto: Which Is More Profitable?

Why are you interested in knowing stock investment vs crypto? Do stock and crypto sound like the same thing? Even though many people consider them similar, but they are different. If so, which one is better? Generally, we can’t answer such a question simply. That’s why you must be well-knowledgeable about these investment instruments.

Ask yourself whether or not you have a deep understanding of stock and cryptocurrency. If you say that you are unclear about both, will you start your research and study about stock investment vs. cryptocurrency?

Well, both of these investment instruments have the similarity, they are kind of high risk-return investment.

Somehow, you must be able to distinguish them to know which is most suitable for you. You must want the most profitable investment, right? If you are a newbie in investment, then here you can go.

First off, it is important to be clear with all about stock investment vs. cryptocurrency.

All About Stocks

stock investment vs. crypto
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What Stock Is

Stock investment is for everyone who wants to make as much money as possible. Stock is known as a general term used to describe the ownership certificates of any company.

In simple words, the stock is an investment type that represents ownership of a share in a certain company. When someone purchases the company’s stock, he purchases a small piece of a company, which is called a share. Shareholders then will get the profit in dividend form in a certain period. Aside from that, they also get capital gain.

How To Start Stock Investment

When deciding to choose a stock investment, you can choose the trusted and reputable platforms, which are known as the stock investment facilitators. Make sure to choose only the legal ones that follow the regulation in where they will invest, for instance, Indonesia.

Those who register on a certain platform then have the access to all information even the capital market. When starting a stock investment, you can buy and sell your shares. To be able to start the transaction, at least you must have 100 shares.

The Stock Investment History

Many people love to invest in stocks. However, it doesn’t always mean they know the history of their investment choice. So, have you ever heard of stock investment history?

In the 1300s, money lenders in Europe traded securities with the public to reduce the loan risk and high-interest rates. Then, the system developed, and the money lenders were known as brokers.

In 1513, Belgium launched a kind of stock exchange in Antwerp, where the brokers and lenders met for different needs, like individual debts, business, or government.

For your information, the first official stock investment was the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. It was founded in 1602 in the Netherlands. It started the history of stocks and bonds trading legally in the world.

Knowing More About Crypto Investment

Crypto is unfamiliar to some people. If you think so, then you can start to gain related information by reading this article.

stock investment vs. crypto
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Definition of Cryptocurrency

We can simply say cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. It enables the users to do transactions without relying on the banks. If you use cryptocurrency, you can use it for peer-to-peer transaction purposes.

The cryptocurrency is secured by cryptography, a method of protecting information and communication through the use of codes. Bitcoins are a popular type of cryptocurrency.

Since you choose crypto as an investment choice, you will get the profit from the difference in purchase and selling price.

How To Invest in Crypto

Cryptocurrency gains popularity and leads people to choose it as an investment option. Just like trading stocks, you can trade crypto on trusted platforms. With so many platforms out there, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable one. If you are an Indonesian and seeking a cryptocurrency trading service, you can benefit from the presence of Tokocrypto or Indodax.

The History Behind the Popularity of Cryptocurrency

The beginning of cryptocurrency was marked by the presence of Bitcoin, launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. After that, the public has more cryptocurrency choices like Swiftcoin and Litecoin.

Mt.Gox was the first Japan platform exchange. It handled about 70% of investment transactions and crypto trade all around the world in 2010-2014. It also became the leader of an exchange platform and the world’s largest bitcoin transaction intermediary.

The Pros of Stocks vs Crypto

In many cases, people start an investment after considering the pros of the investment itself. To compare stocks and crypto, here are the pros of they each.


  • Come with clear regulations and rules
  • Various issuer industries to choose from
  • The investors obtain the dividend in certain period regularly
  • Stockholders can participate in the meeting of shareholders
  • Low-risk of asset theft


  • High possibility of price increase in the future
  • Come with the low competition with fewer competitors in the industry
  • Low transaction costs compared to stocks
  • Usable for global transaction all around the world
  • No third party, so the traders should not deal with the rules of the third party
  • Price increases even during the pandemic

The Cons of Stocks vs Crypto

While it is right that you can experience the pros of stock or crypto, each of them comes with cons.

Cons of Stocks

  • Capital losses
  • Risk of dividends
  • Too many choices
  • Costly transaction

Cons of Crypto

  • Cybersecurity issues
  • Regulation issues
  • Scalability matter

Which Is the Most Profitable: Stock Investment vs Crypto?

When asking which is the best and more profitable between stock and crypto, there is an unclear and uncertain answer. It depends on the investment purpose of individuals. Starting an investment is not a simple matter. For many reasons, it is always challenging, especially for beginners.

Stock Investment Vs. Crypto
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To find the right investment choice, make a clear few things, the needs, and purpose of investment. It leads you to use only the right strategy when it comes to trading stock vs crypto.

There is no guarantee that you can create the same successful experience when people can build wealth from stocks or crypto. Another thing to keep in mind is the profit doesn’t come overnight whatever your investment choice is.

Again and again, nothing best to invest in successfully than learning. Never stop learning about investment because the change is unpredictable. Need more info about stock and crypto investment? Or are you considering other investment types?



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